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At Eagle Ridge Contracting we are your source for all your Geothermal needs. We offer Tetco systems that meet your demands.  We also offer...

  • Planning assistance
  • Complete comfort system installation
  • Routine service and maintenance
  • Emergency repair

Our focus is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We make sure each system meets your expectations of, improving your home’s conditioning efficiency and helping you cut energy costs.

How it works...

    To heat your home, the geothermal system circulates the fluid in the loop system to extract heat from the ground. Geothermal then transfers that heat to the geothermal unit, where it is compressed to a high temperature. That air is then delivered through the home to heat your air via ductwork.

    To cool your home, Geothermal simply reverses the process. Utilizing the cooler temperature of the earth as opposed to the warm air above ground, the  geothermal system takes the heat from the home and transfers it into the ground via the loop system. Returning to the unit much cooler, the unit uses that energy to distribute cool air throughout your home.

    Geothermal systems provide highly efficient, clean, quiet and renewable heating and cooling at a very low cost. Geothermal systems can be installed basically anywhere, and do not need natural hot springs or geysers under your house. This system just uses a heat exchanger in the earth to transfer the heat energy.


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