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  • We Offer the Best Equipment. We offer top-of-the-line heating products by American Standard, Goodman, and Carrier, as well as single-stage or two-stage heating furnaces. You will be amazed at how much lower your heating bill can be with new equipment, and your family will stay comfortable all season long.

  • With Us, You are a Priority. A furnace is something that you just want to work. However, it is our job to give a lot of thought to any furnace needs or concerns. We take concerns about products that accompany any kind of heating equipment seriously. With each of our services, we will inspect your furnace piece by piece, making sure that everything is operating properly.

  • Installations . Our installation work is safe, and installed for reliability.

  • Expert Service That Makes a Difference. At Eagle Ridge Contracting, our service is aimed at truly enhancing your experience. All heating system components are installed to provide reliable and uniform heating.

    All furnaces, even the most reliable, need routine maintenance. Without it, the efficiency of your furnace will go down, and the likelihood of needed repairs will go up. Upkeep and pro-active replacements can help ensure your energy bills are low and that you’re less likely to ever be dealing with furnace issues.

    However, should your equipment go too long unchecked and start to lose efficiency or need repairs, we can help you there too. Most lost efficiency can be recovered with maintenance and service of your equipment. We offer full repair services with an emergency option, should it be needed.

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  HVAC Yearly Checklist

Every Quarter

Change the air filters: Replace the air filters in your HVAC equipment at least once every three months to promote proper airflow.

Thermostat: As temperatures change, adjusting your thermostat will help prevent overloading your HVAC system and wasting energy. In the summer, set the thermostat to the “Cool” function. In the winter, set it to the “Warm” or “Heat” function.

Electrical connections: Disconnected, loose or broken connections compromise a system’s safety and efficiency.

Fall and Winter

Professional heating system maintenance: During the inspection, the professional will check the electrical connections and voltage, condensate drain, exhaust outlets, fuel lines, burners, heat exchangers and other components.

Carbon monoxide detector: If you use natural gas or oil for your heating system, replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector.

Furnace: Replace the humidifier wick and turn on the water supply in the fall.

Ice: Dust off snow that accumulates on your outdoor HVAC equipment.

Spring and Summer 

Professional cooling system maintenance: The professional will inspect the connections, voltage, lines, fins, pans, coils, refrigerant levels, blower system components and more.

Inspect the A/C refrigerant lines: The line will feel cold or have condensation on it if refrigerant levels are sufficient. If the line does not have condensation on it or it does not feel cold to the touch, call a professional right away.

Furnace: Turn off the water supply to the furnace when you stop using it in the spring.

Throughout the Year

Landscaping: Keep the area around the outside units clean and free of debris and tall grass. Trim back plants, trees and shrubs so they’re about three feet away from the equipment.

Visual inspection: Regularly inspect your HVAC system for issues that require a professional’s attention, such as dirty evaporator or condenser coils, damaged fins, water leaks or frozen coils


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