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Disruptions and surges within the power system are many and frequent...

  • Major appliances cycling on and off throughout the day, major appliances account for 60-80% of power surges occurring within the home.  Theses low level surges eventually degrade the circuitry of expensive electronics

  • Faulty wiring - When was the last time you had your home's electrical system inspected for safety?

  • Downed power lines from wind, accidents, branches, animals, and more.

  • Electrical equipment problems and repairs which can result in extreme spikes and drops.

  • High electricity demand resulting in rolling blackouts in extreme weather

  • Lightning, which can cause massive damage in an instant.

  • Protects from surges from generators tranferring power

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Whole House Surge Protector

Federal Pacific Electrical Panels and Breakers

Federal Pacific Electrical panel known problems:

  • Breakers do not always trip when circuit is overloaded
  • Breakers Arc to the buss bar and damage it
  • Breakers are damaged by arcing and over heat
  • Replacement breakers are expensive
  • Breaker failures can cause an Electrical fire

MANDATORY REPLACEMENT: All local codes, Inspectors, and Insurance companies have condemned and outlawed Federal Pacific panels and breakers