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Severe weather is the single leading cause of power outages in the United States. The amount and severity of these outages has spiked dramatically over the past decade, causing hardships for many people. Here is a look at some helpful tips on how to protect your home and family during the next outage.


The Perfect Backup Generator for 24/7 Protection

Whole house generators provide reliability and performance. When you lose power during an outage or storm, a hard-working generator keeps your appliances working, the heat or AC running and your security system on.


Exclusive Powerboost™ technology provides excellent starting power. With PowerBoost, KOHLER Generators can power your entire home. We’re talking heat, AC, fridge, freezer, sump pump, security system – without dropping power to other systems. 


KOHLER is known for extraordinary reliability and performance and backs that up with a 5-year or 2000 hour limited warranty, plus a corrosion- proof enclosure that’s built to last.

  Outlast the outage

Bold KOHLER engines designed for heavy-duty commercial grade application power each KOHLER  generators to exceed the demands of standby power.

Remote Monitoring

OnCue® Plus Generator Management System sends you status alerts and lets you check generator history no matter where you are in the world.


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    A standby home generator keeps your power on during an outage. It’s installed outside your house (like an AC unit) and comes on automatically — whether you’re home or away. All within seconds of a power outage. 

    During an outage,a list of concerns come to mind

    • Food (Refrigerator/Freezer)
    • Running Water
      • Drinking
      • Flushing
      • Cleaning
    • HVAC (heating or Cooling pending the season)
    • Lights
    • Comforts including keeping you connected
      • TV, computer and such

    Let us help your everyday life continue...


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    •         Ideal for backing up your home
    •         Automatically starts and restores power in seconds — whether you’re home or away
    •         Powers your home, including critical hard-wired systems like AC, heat, sump pumps, well pumps, security systems and large appliances
    •         No refueling — runs on your home’s natural or LP gas
    •         Delivers high-quality power — won’t harm your electronics


    Before the power goes out

                   Your automatic transfer switch (ATS) monitors the electricity coming from the utility. It's working 24/7 to protect your home

              Power Indicator
                   This handy little device is located on your automatic transfer switch. It tells you where your home’s power is coming from utility or generator
              Weekly Self Test
                   Your KOHLER® generator will exercise itself and run diagnostic tests for 20 minutes each week to make sure it’s ready when needed automatically.
               OnCue® System
                    With OnCue Generator Management System, you can manage your KOHLER home generator, receive updates via text or e-mail, view real-time power  operation and more. All from your computer, phone or tablet.

    When the power fails or drops below an acceptable level (brownout)

                    The ATS signals the generator to start. In seconds, the ATS transfers your power from the utility to the generator. 10-Second Response Time 

    Your generator then supplies your home with electricity until the steady utility power is restored.

               Total Reliability
                     KOHLER generators endure hundreds of tests (during design and production) before they reach your home. The result is total reliability.
                     With PowerBoost Technology, KOHLER generators can handle large starting loads like central air conditioners without  dropping power to other              appliances.
                Lasting Power
                      Inside every KOHLER generator is a commercial-grade engine built to withstand extreme workloads. We’ll keep your  house comfortable as long as        the  power’s out.

    When the utility power is restored

                       The ATS automatically transfers your power from the generator to the utility. Your standby generator automatically shuts down, ready for the next power outage.