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This page is a culmination of our customer's comments on our company.  We will be updating it periodically as more input is received.  Thank you to all of our customers who participate in this page.  We highly value you

and seek to always provide you with excellent service.

While we were out of town, our steam shower malfunctioned and began steaming continuously, creating condensation on the walls and ceiling of our bedroom and master bath.  Luckily our son was checking on the house and noticed steam coming from the roof!  We called Eagle Ridge Contracting and they arrived within an hour to dismantle the device.  It was 9:00 pm on a Sunday night, and they never hesitated to come and help us out, even taking towels and helping wipe off condensation to avoid damage.  We were able to preserve the bedroom wallpaper and save thousands of dollars in expenses as a result.  I doubt that many contractors would have gone to those lengths for their customers.  I heartily recommend Eagle Ridge for any heating/AC/plumbing needs.

                                            Debbie and David Daberko

                                            Hunting Valley

We are very satisfied customers and are enjoying the benefits of our Geothermal HVAC system.  We keep our house toasty warm in the winter, and quite cool int he summer and have saved thousands of dollars in our first year.  The system is quiet and the air is nicely humidified.  The installation and service provided by the good people at Eagle Ridge is top notch!

                                            Shel and Liz Oberfeld

                                            Shaker Heights

We have used Eagle Ridge for our plumbing, HVAC, and general contracting needs since their inception.  They are timely, courteous, honest and professional.  I have never hesitated to allow them in my home even when we are not there.  I trust them to do what is best for our home and they always act with integrity!  I have referred them often and always receive a thank you from the people I refer them to because of their excellent service.  In a world filled with anxiety about service, Eagle Ridge is a blessing!

                                            Court and Amy Durkalski


Eagle Ridge recently installed a complete geothermal heating and cooling system for us and it works perfectly.  They clearly understood the physics and engineering of the project, did what they said they would do when they said they would do it and for the price we originally agreed to.  It was a pleasure in this day and age to find such competent and courteous folks who clearly know what they are doing and get it done right.

                                            George and Barbara Collins


....Thank you for allowing us to make monthly payments.  We are so thankful and appreciative that you understood our financial situation.......We will not only continue to use Eagle Ridge Contracting, but we will be happy to recommend your company.  Once again, thank you.  We truly appreciate your patience.  May the Lord continue to bless and prosper you.

                                            Scott and Dorothy Hanson


I have called Eagle Ridge Contracting numerous times through the years they have been in business.  They are my first choice and have always been dependable and honest with me.  They do excellent work and have "gone the extra mile" with service.  I would refer any of my friends to you folks for any service.

                                            Margaret Clause


Eagle Ridge has done an excellent job for me in plumbing, heating, cooling, hot water tank and drain cleaning. Their personnel are courteous and helpful and always clean up after a job is completed.  They are very knowledgeable and take the time to explain.  I cannot recommend a better source for the sevices they provide.

                                                 Jack and Peggy Blakeslee

                                                 Pepper Pike

We have used Eagle Ridge many times over the last number of years in our old house. When we decided to build a new home,  we knew they were the only company we wanted to do our work. We had a Geothermal system installed along with the HVAC. It is wonderful to know and be able to trust a company to do the work correctly the first time. The staff is great to work with and we recommend the company any time we can.
                                             Tony and Diane Artino
Eagle Ridge is always helpful and knowledgeable about problems to solve.  They are on time, quick to respond when time is important.  They solved our heating problem last year which saved a lot of expense.
                                             Ben Thomas
                                             Waite Hill
Eagle Ridge gives you prompt attention when you need help quick.  They have reasonable fees which is what you want from a heating and plumbing contractor.  I'm very satisfied.
                                              J. Richard Hamilton
                                             Cleveland Heights
Eagle Ridge has been excellent.  They have kept my home in perfect condition for many years.  As a senior citizen, Hayley, Jeff and Eric have always responded to problems immediately and with great results.
                                              Marion Hill
                                              Shaker Heights
Hayley is superb!  Great service, team is very reliable and
friendly.  Always very quick to respond.

                                              Craig S. Shular
The words to describe your company would be "trustworthy,
honest, dependable, friendly and hard working."  I'm so glad
to know I have you to call when I have a question or a problem
to be solved.  Thank you for so many years of service.
                                              Donna Bauman
Our experience with Eagle Ridge has been excellent.  They are very knowledgeable and helpful.  If we ever have any questions about our unit, they will call you back to answer your questions at any time. Eagle Ridge never leaves you with a mess to clean up either.  We would like to thank Jeff, Hayley and all the guys.
                                              Joanne & Frank Rebec
We couldn't be happier with the services we received from Eagle Ridge.  They provided an installation of a Geothermal heating, cooling and hot water system replacing Heat Pump Heating and Cooling in our home.  They are truly the experts and the professionals they advertise to be.  They were thorough and attentive throughout the entire process.  Each member to the team provided skillful expertise and was willing to provide the education to make us informed customers as well.  Incidentally, Our November 2009 utility bill was 1/3 of last November's bill.  We are happy (and green) customers.
                                              Eileen & Joe Pappalardo
I had a new Carrier Geothermal Heat Pump installed by Eagle Ridge in August 2009.  Recently service was needed to adjust the humidifier that was affecting the performance of the heat pump.  Hayley returned my call immediately and the repair was was completed by early afternoon.                           
                                              Bill Kent
Jeff and his people did a great job of reopening a spring that had served my wife's family in the past.  They reconnected the resulting water supply with our house and a second house.  When the system system needed repair last summer (a year ago), they took care of it.  We are grateful!
                                              Henry Hatch
We've always ahd prompt and courteous response to a request for service.  It has always been done to our satisfaction.
                                              Sharon Dunbar